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Cultivate Curb Appeal

Published: 7/12/2017

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They say home is where the heart is, but during the summer months, the fun is had outdoors.

Curb appeal is a major factor in a home, and whether you just bought your house and are looking to make your yard your own, or you are trying to sell your home, a few flowers and a trim to the grass can really add value. 

If you are looking to spend some time outdoors and add to your home, check out our list of summer tips and tricks that you can use to cultivate some curb appeal.

Entryway Enhancement
You're sure to be welcoming guests this summer, but what first impression is your home making? If your front door and porch are drab and dreary, your home may not look too inviting, regardless of what fabulous party you have planned inside!
Fixing your front entrance can be a quick and easy improvement that can make a dramatic impression.
Consider adding a new coat of paint to the front door, one that contrasts the rest of the exterior of the home. If you're house and shutters are black and gray, a bright red door can really draw the eye and attract attention.
Add metal house numbers near your front door, and consider replacing or adding a new light treatment to the entryway to make it look warm and inviting.
A few pots filled with colorful flowers can add appeal, and soon your entryway will be welcoming guests all on its own.

Flowers and Blooms
Summer is the season of bright colors and fun, and you don't want your house to be the only one on the block without some color. To add some flair, try some flowering shrubs in your yard that will bloom in the summer months.
Crape Myrtles can provide a great pop of white, purple, pink, or red to your yard, and the trees flourish in the Georgia heat and humidity. In winter, their smooth bark will peel away to reveal colors of brown, tan and gray, adding further appeal to your yard, and they are easy to take care of.
For another Southern staple, plant a few hydrangeas. These green leafy shrubs will bloom pink or blue, depending on the toxicity of the soil, so if you're really adventurous, you can try a bit of a science experiment to bring a new color to your yard. With big, fluffy blooms, these shrubs are relatively easy to care of and can provide a nice bouquet for you to bring indoors.
Greece, Folegandros, Mediterranean, Cyclades, IslandOf course, for quick and easy summer sprucing, add some annuals like petunias, cosmos, and zinnias to bring an array of color to your summer flower beds.

Window Treatment
Just like you front door, windows can either be an eye-catcher, or an eye-sore. To make sure they are drawing the right attention, it's important to give your windows a little TLC.
Start with simply cleaning them, both inside and out, and be sure to wash off any dirt on the exterior windowsills and surrounding areas.
If you have shutters, be sure to clean those as well, and if you're really adventurous, consider adding them to your home if you have space to enhance contrast and add another dimension.
For a simple upgrade, add window boxes with summer annuals to bring the fun from your yard to your home in a quick and easy way.

Trees and Greenery
Summer color is great, but it's also important to add some green that will last throughout the season.
In shaded areas, Japanese Maple trees provide a great feature and their dark, red leaves will add to the shades of the season in the fall.
Dogwoods can also be a manageable tree that can provide some shade and some green to your yard. With white flowers that bloom in the summer, this tree is a great option for Georgia homeowners.
For more low-to-the-ground green, try a few perennial hostas. There are a great variety of these plants, with some having small, lime-green leaves, to others with large, dark blue-green leaves that spread wide. Easy to maintain, these spots of green will return every year.

Maintenance, Maintenance
Last but not least, it's important to maintain your outdoor space.
Even if you don't have flower beds filled with color, a simple manicured lawn and a swept off porch and driveway can make a big difference.
Cut back long and leggy limbs of trees that may get in the way or are blocking your home, and while it may sound like a no-brainer, don't forget to mow the lawn!

By applying just a few of these tricks, curb appeal can be vastly improved, which will add a great deal of value to your home, and a great deal of fun to your outdoor space! So get outside, enjoy this weather, and show off your home's beautiful facade!
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Perrie & Associates, LLC is a full-service law firm centered around real estate property. We strive to provide big firm expertise with small firm concern for your interests. We are committed to focusing our legal expertise to provide you with the highest quality services in a timely and cost efficient manner. The attorneys and team members of our firm take great pride in providing the right solutions to our clients' needs. Give us a call to schedule a closing or for legal consultation!

Real Estate Organizations - A Network of Opportunity

Published: 6/28/2017

As a real estate agent, it is important to focus on your community. Knowing the ins and outs of the neighborhoods, schools, and businesses is crucial to helping your client find the perfect home.

But it's also important to remember to build your own community. After all, selling real estate is hard work, and you don't want to be all out on your own! Thankfully, there are a number of wonderful organizations for realtors that can provide services and a strong network for agents.

Established in 1908, the National Association of Realtors is "The Voice for Real Estate" and represents over 1.2 million members. Brokers, salespeople, property managers and others involved in the real estate industry abide by the association's Code of Ethics in order to obtain the REALTOR membership mark. Members benefit from discounts on business and services such as insurance, electronics, and travel costs, and the association provides numerous resources and research that can aid a real estate business. NAR also advocates for realtor issues, including bills and legislation related to the industry, and a portion of all member dues goes to supporting this legislative group. 

Georgia Association of Realtors - 

Headquartered in Atlanta, the GAR is the largest trade association in the state, with more than 29,000 members. The association provides educational and professional development opportunities, and classes are offered several times a month across the state. Two conferences are held each year that make for great networking opportunities, with the Inaugural & Legislative Conference held in February and the Annual Conference & Expo held in September. Document templates, including contracts, are also provided for members, and those interested in getting involved are able to join a committee. Members of the GAR also pay membership fees for the National Association of Realtors, and therefore have access to those resources, including the Realtor's Property Resource, which provides statistics and analysis that can help your clients make informed decisions, making the GAR a great, local extension of the national association. 

Women's Council of Realtors

For women in the real estate industry, there is the Women's Council of Realtors. Promoting women as leaders in their industry and communities, the council has 253 local networks with more than 12,000 members. Members can participate in local networking and special events, and the council offers an online Referral Center that is an easy-to-use database that connects users to the council's trusted professional network. An affiliate of the NAR, the WCR provides volunteer and leadership opportunities that can enhance professional development. The council also provides the Performance Management, a business leadership designation, and the courses discuss topics such as leadership, networking, and business planning. 

County Board of Realtors - 

Many counties and regions in the area have their own Board of Realtors, including Cobb, Cherokee, and Atlanta. Benefits are similar to that of national or state organizations, including discounts, education and network opportunities; however, these local organizations are exactly that - local. Networking opportunities allow members to connect with those working directly in their own communities, and the organizations also provide community service opportunities to give back to the neighborhoods in which we live and work in. All members are held to a code of ethics, and professional development services are available to members. Sponsorship and partnerships are also available through these organizations, and Perrie & Associates is proud to be an affiliate sponsor of the Cobb Association of Realtors. 

Chamber of Commerce - 

County Chambers of Commerce also offer a good opportunity for agents and brokers to connect. Comprised of local business owners and community leaders, a chamber of commerce is a great place to make local connections and network. Chambers often provide both fun and professional events to meet other businessmen and women, and they also provide resources for establishing and maintaining a business. Information about the county and its businesses can be helpful resources when educating clients about an area, and there are a number of ways to get involved through committees and ambassador programs. 

Realtor organizations can be vital to your business. For an annual fee, membership to these organizations provide many resources, opportunities, and connections that can help you grow your business and have a reliable and trusted network to turn to for help.

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Perrie & Associates, LLC is a full-service law firm centered around real estate property. We strive to provide big firm expertise with small firm concern for your interests. We are committed to focusing our legal expertise to provide you with the highest quality services in a timely and cost efficient manner. The attorneys and team members of our firm take great pride in providing the right solutions to our clients' needs. Give us a call to schedule a closing or for legal consultation!

Meet the P&A Team - David Perrie

Published: 6/14/2017

This week we are excited to launch a new segment on our blog - Meet the P&A Team! 

Here at Perrie & Associates, we are committed to treating our clients like family, and the same goes for our employees. It is important to us to connect with everyone we work with, and to further that personal connection, we want to introduce our fabulous team to you! 

With this new segment, we will be featuring one Perrie & Associates employee for you to get to know. And to start off, we'll begin with our fearless leader, David Perrie. 

. . .

Name: David Perrie
Role: Attorney and Founding Partner
Years at Perrie & Associates: 11

Fun Facts: 
• played football and ran track in high school

• set the county record in pole vaulting
• enjoys snow skiing, bike riding, and white water canoeing

David Perrie was born in Camden, South Carolina, but is a Georgia fan through and through. He received his BBA from the University of Georgia in 1978 and his MBA in 1980. He started his career as an auditor for the University System of Georgia and moved to Texas in 1982 where he went to work with Stewart Title as an auditor. He later became the electronic data processing auditor and was then promoted to management and moved to Washington, DC, where he ran a branch office closing real estate transactions. 

Three years later, he was again promoted and became the State Manager for Georgia. In 1993, David took advantage of Stewart Title’s tuition reimbursement program and enrolled in law school at Georgia State. After four and a half years of going to work all day and law school all night, he graduated and passed the bar on his first attempt. During that time, he switched companies and became a regional manager for United General Title Insurance Company and managed a six state region.

A year after graduating he founded Perrie & Perrie, PC along with his brother, Tom, on July 16, 1999. Two years later they merged with his fraternity brother from UGA, Steven Cole, and became Perrie & Cole, LLC. The firm grew to fourteen offices in three states having 37 lawyers and 150 employees. For various reasons, the firm splintered, and he took four offices to establish Perrie & Associates, LLC on July 1, 2006. Today, we have seven offices in two states and over 35 employees. David is the weekly co-host of an industry specific radio show, ‘Real Estate Radio Atlanta’, and is an active affiliate member of the Cobb Board of Realtors, the local Atlanta Chapter of the Mortgage Bankers Association, and the Real Property Section of the Georgia Bar. 

Why did you decide to go to law school? Did you always know you wanted to be an attorney? 
I wanted to be an attorney when I was 12 after watching Perry Mason every afternoon. I had always been involved with the real estate industry, and went to law school when I was 38. I worked with Stewart Title in Washington, D.C., and later as I developed the Southeast region, I saw what local closing attorneys were doing. I love working with people and I became interested in pursuing that as a career.

What do you like about working in the real estate industry? 
First and foremost, I love the people. I am a people person at heart and I love that I get to spend every day meeting and working with new people. I also enjoy some of the challenges the real estate industry brings like resolving issues that complicate titles. Every title is different and every day brings something new - it is never a monotonous job.  Finally, I love the closing itself. It is a joyous occasion! I like to be a part of that final transaction and leave a positive mark on the entire experience. 
What is one thing still left to do on your bucket list? 
Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I have been scuba diving before in the Bahamas, the Blue Hole in Belize, and many other interesting dives, but would love to see the enormous reef in the Pacific. I took scuba diving as a PE course at UGA and have probably done 300 dives since. I once went diving in the Bermuda Triangle on Friday the 13th with 50 sharks. I'm always interested in doing anything adventurous.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Flying! I have had many dreams that I remembered where I was able to fly and I always loved it!

Where is your favorite place you have traveled? 
Cinque Terra, Italy. I have been to Italy four times and always love it. Every time I have a vacation, I think about going somewhere else, but I always end up back in Italy. 

What do you like about coming in to work everyday at Perrie & Associates? 
The thing is, this doesn't feel like work to me. I am a firm believer in the statement "love your job and never work a day in your life." I love working with real estate, and I love meeting our clients at the closing table, so my job doesn't feel like a job. I have been in this industry for a long time, and I am thankful to be able to do what I love. 

David has two sons, Thomas and Will, and married his wife, Jennifer last summer. They and his stepson Calvin live in Cumming on Lake Lanier and have an condo at the Twelve Building in Atlantic Station  in mid-town Atlanta where they are able to spend time with family and friends. Thomas is a loan officer and Will just graduated from law school, so real estate runs in the family. David is a huge Georgia sports fan and will be found cheering on the Braves this season just right across from the office.

Owner's Title Insurance - An Easy Choice

Published: 5/24/2017

Countless decisions go into purchasing a home: location, architectural style, neighborhood, moving date - the list goes on and on. One decision owners face when buying real estate is whether to purchase owner's title insurance.

While many choices in the home-buying process require much consideration, a decision about owner's title insurance should be one of the easiest. After all, if you buy insurance for your car, why wouldn't you insure what will most likely be the biggest investment you'll ever make?

Technically speaking, owner's title insurance is optional. But again, when trying to decide if you should protect the most important purchase in your life, the option is pretty clear.

Most people think of insurance as payment to protect from a future event - like when you buy car insurance to protect you from an accident that may happen in the future.

Title insurance is different. It protects your from future losses based on past events before you acquired the property. This can include a claim of easement, an encroachment or boundary line dispute, or a lien or claim that originated with a prior owner.

Now you may be asking, "shouldn't those issues be found before I buy my home?" The easy answer is yes - because otherwise you wouldn't be signing at our closing table! A title search will produce the liens and any prior issues associated with a property as well as utility easements; however, it won't reveal a person's claim of easement to walk across the property.

In addition, because Georgia law provides no judicial oversight of any foreclosure action, the title exam may not reveal if the foreclosed-upon prior owner has an objection to the foreclosure and intends to assert it as some point in the future. 

Chicago Title Insurance Company puts it best, saying  "title insurance is issued after a careful examination of copies of the public records. But even the most thorough search cannot absolutely assure that no title hazards are present, despite the knowledge and experience of professional title examiners. In addition to matters shown by public records, other title problems may exist that cannot be disclosed in a search."

Buyers may also be hesitant to purchase insurance because they think the home they are buying is in a safe, well-designed neighborhood and the "title should be fine." But just because there is an established HOA in a settled neighborhood doesn't mean that issues can't come up in the future.

What if the contractor built the home on the wrong footprint, and now the driveway extends 6 feet onto the adjacent lot? The HOA could have approved the build without thinking too much of it, but now the owner of the adjacent lot wants to build on his property, which is where your driveway sits!

The great thing about an owner's title insurance policy is that there is a one time premium. The premium is paid at the time of closing, and then that's it for as long as you own the property. 

No, owner's title insurance is not required, but for the lender, it is. And their insurance only protects the lender, and offers nothing to the homeowner. The lender purchases title insurance for every single property, and if they feel that it is so important to protect that property, why wouldn't you?

An owner's title insurance policy is one you hope to never need - but when you do, it is invaluable. We at Perrie & Associates have great relations with several title insurance companies, and strongly suggest owner's purchase a policy to protect their greatest investment!

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Perrie & Associates, LLC is a full-service law firm centered around real estate property. We strive to provide big firm expertise with small firm concern for your interests. We are committed to focusing our legal expertise to provide you with the highest quality services in a timely and cost efficient manner. The attorneys and staff of our firm take great pride in providing the right solutions to our clients' needs. Give us a call to schedule a closing or for legal consultation!

Explore Your Neighborhood: Summer Edition

Published: 5/10/2017

We may be still over a month away from the official start of summer, but the Georgia heat is on its way and the busy season of real estate has arrived.

With school letting out in just a few weeks, families are looking to move into new neighborhoods and homes will be flying on and off the market like hotcakes.

While the process of finding and moving into a new home can be a bit stressful, it's exciting to have a whole new neighborhood to explore. And if you're moving to the Cobb or Atlanta area, we've got your summer adventures covered.

Check out some of these attractions right outside your new front door:

  • Adventurous Attractions - 
    If you're looking to get your adrenaline pumping this summer, there's plenty to do in metro Atlanta.
    Opening this Saturday, Six Flags Whitewater is a great way to cool off and have fun in the summer heat. Check out over 15 water slides, a giant wave pool, or just lounge around on the lazy river. The park is located conveniently in Marietta, and after Memorial Day, will be open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
    For even bigger thrills and spills, Six Flags Over Georgia is at the southern tip of Cobb County, just 30 minutes from Marietta. You can soar like a superhero with the Batman and Superman roller coasters, or experience the newest in virtual reality with Drop of Doom as you wear Samsung Oculus headsets and battle to save the city as you plummet 100 stories down.
    In case of rain, there is plenty of indoor fun to be had at Andretti's Indoor Karting and Games, located in both Roswell and Marietta. With some of the state's fastest indoor carts, a 4,000 square foot laser tag arena, and 12 lanes of custom bowling, not to mention an entire arcade full of games, there is plenty to keep the kids (and parents) entertained on a rainy day while introducing a bit of friendly competition.

  • Museums - 
    Learning doesn't have to stop over the summer months! There are plenty of museums and historical sites in and around metro Atlanta.
    Local history is on full display at the Atlanta History Center. With more than 30 acres of exhibits, gardens, and historic homes, the center boasts a large collection of Atlanta history, including uniforms and memorabilia from the 1996 Olympics. Plus, you can tour the historic Swan Home, which was featured in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire film.
    To view history with a wider lens, check out Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Walk with the Giants of the Mesozoic to see Argentinosaurus, the largest known dinosaur to walk the Earth, then take a stroll through the trees with a new outdoor, interactive exhibit. A giant theater screens several films daily, and for an adult science night, Fernbank After Dark offers special cocktails and tapas for an after-hours evening of live music and science.
    If you're more of a sports fan than a history buff, the College Football Hall of Fame is the place for you. The hall features several interactive exhibits with video and memorabilia from the best in college football, a Game Day theater, and an indoor playing field where you can run through an obstacle course, test your best quarter back arm, and kick field goals to truly get in the game.
    For more historic museums and sites, check out this list of other locations in the area.

  • Outdoor fun - There's plenty to do outdoors to have some fun in the sun this summer.
    The Silver Comet Trail, running through 13 miles in Cobb County, is the perfect way to get outdoors for a long walk or bike ride. Along the trail are several pocket parks as well as beautiful scenery, and there are four trail heads with ample parking.
    Similarly, the Atlanta Beltline offers 22 miles of trail that surround the city's in-town neighborhoods. Enjoy the public art located along the route and stop at some of Atlanta's best restaurants right along the path. There's even a skate park in the historic fourth ward!
    To get a little higher this summer, hike up Kennesaw Mountain to get a bird's eye view of Cobb County. While you're there, explore the museum about the Atlanta Campaign and Battle of Kennesaw, and don't miss the live artillery and infantry demonstrations just outside the visitor's center.

  • Neighborhood Festivals - Summer weather means summer festivals, and the metro area has more than you can choose from.
    Get started this weekend with the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Centennial Olympic Park. Bands include popular favorites like LCD Soundsystem, Cage the Elephant, and X Ambassadors, and the festival goes throughout the weekend, beginning on Friday.
    For a more laid back music festival, swing by the Atlanta Jazz Festival on Memorial Day weekend. With three stages running on Saturday and Sunday, this free festival held in Piedmont Park is a great place to celebrate jazz legends and discover new jazz talent.
    If you're a culinary connoisseur, and food festivals are more your style, the Atlanta Summer Beer Fest will be held June 17 and will feature more than 200 beers from local and national breweries.
    There are also dozens of farmer's markets held on Saturday's, and more Cobb County festivals and concerts can be found here.

  • Cheer on the Braves -
    Of course, the newest place to explore in Cobb is SunTrust Park, the new home of the Braves.
    Cheering on the team is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, and there is plenty at the new ball park see and do. Take a tour through the Monuments Garden to see the evolution of the Braves and the Hank Aaron statue, or watch the game from one of three levels of the ChopHouse.
    Hope & Will's Sandlot is the spot to be for kids at the ballpark. They can climb a rock wall to reach a Braves helmet, take a swing in the batting cage, or zip line from the sky just right by the stadium.
    Before and after the game, the Battery Atlanta is always buzzing with activity whether it's a post-game concert or grabbing a bite or a drink at one of the many restaurants just steps from the outfield. 
There is plenty to explore in your new neighborhood this summer. After you close with Perrie & Associates, be sure to check out some of the great attractions and sites right here in town! 

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Perrie & Associates, LLC is a full-service law firm centered around real estate property. We strive to provide big firm expertise with small firm concern for your interests. We are committed to focusing our legal expertise to provide you with the highest quality services in a timely and cost efficient manner. The attorneys and staff of our firm take great pride in providing the right solutions to our clients' needs. Give us a call to schedule a closing or for legal consultation!

The 7 Simple Steps of a Closing

Published: 4/26/2017

After all the searching, all the open houses, all the comparing and price negotiating and inspections - you have finally purchased or sold a home. 

While you have certainly gotten through the hardest part of the process, there is still one more step to take for Georgia residents: the closing. 

A real estate closing is the process of transferring the title of the home from the current owner to the new owner. Each state has different requirements for the transaction, and in the state of Georgia, an attorney is required to oversee the closing. 

The closing process can sometimes be complex considering the property rights and government regulations involved, however, closing with Perrie & Associates is a breeze, and we've broken the closing down into 7 simple steps:

  1. Give Us a Call - 
    To start the closing process, the buyer or seller's agent will send the contract that contains both parties' information as well as the property address and other information needed for closing to Perrie & Associates. The contract will be assigned to one of our five offices, and a closing coordinator will begin gathering information and contacting all parties involved to prepare the transaction to close. We also handle For Sale By Owner contracts where no agents are involved, and all new contracts can be sent to or faxed to 404-214-6686 or 404-214-6674.

  2. Some Background Info... -
    After receiving the contract, the pre-closer will order a title report. The title report is a document from the county that shows any liens on the property and is generated by the title examiner. The report is compiled from public records typically recorded in the local county record books. Documents contained in the report include unpaid tax bills, city and county tax bills, security deeds, neighborhood covenants, HOA documents, civil law suits or any other documents that can indicate a cloud or blemish on title that must be cleared up prior to closing. When an issue arises, it is referred to as a "cloud on title" and the property cannot be transferred to a new owner until those issues are resolved. The clouds on title are reported to us, and the pre-closer will address and clear those issues before continuing with the closing process.

  3. And Info About You - 
    Once the title is cleared, the closing coordinator will work with both parties to collect information such as social security numbers for the buyer and the seller, their current and future addresses, the amount of the buyer’s homeowner’s insurance, current property taxes, homeowner's association information and any other information required. The pre-closer will also work with the lender to prepare the settlement statement and other documents needed for closing.
    Next the file moves to the closer's desk, and the closer will also work with the lender to prepare the closing disclosure statement or the settlement statement, along with other documents needed for closing. The pre-closer will work with the lender to provide the commitment to issue title insurance and ensure proper fees and taxes are added into the lender's system in preparation for the upcoming closing.

  4. Save the Date - 
    When the buyer's lender reports that the loan has been approved, the closing can be scheduled. The lender and our office make every effort to work toward the closing date stipulate in the contract, but the buyer's lender has ultimate authority over when the loan is cleared to close. This process typically takes 30 days, so it is important that the purchase contract for a home be sent to the lender and closing attorney immediately after it is completed.

  5. Autograph, please - 
    This is it, you're finally here! Once you arrive for your closing, you will meet with one of our attorneys who will guide you through the closing package and documents that need to be signed. If you're the seller - you've got it easy. You may only have 8 to 10 documents to sign! For the buyer - get those autographs ready! 
    Some of the most important documents signed at closing are the warranty deed, which transfers the title from the previous owner to the new owner, security deed, which creates the lien on the property by the mortgage company and outlines the terms of the obligation, and the closing disclosure (or HUD for a cash sale). The CD or HUD will be given to both the buyer and seller and outlines the fees for both parties and how much each party will receive or owe after closing.

  6. Money, Money, Money - 
    After it's been signed and sealed (we'll get to delivered next), the seller will receive a check or wire for the proceeds of the sale, and then pass those keys across the table because the closing is finished! Now you have officially sold or purchased your home! 

  7. Record and Relax - 
    You've done the hard work and we've gotten your autograph, so sit back and relax - we'll take care of the rest! Someone from our post-closing department will send the deeds to the county courthouse to be recorded, and once the warranty deed is returned, the stamped original will be returned to the buyer and the stamped security deed will be returned to the lender for their records.
The closing process should not be one to dread, but one to celebrate! It's a happy occasion for everyone involved, and Perrie & Associates is happy to help with this exciting process.

. . .

. . .
Perrie & Associates, LLC is a full-service law firm centered around real estate property. We strive to provide big firm expertise with small firm concern for your interests. We are committed to focusing our legal expertise to provide you with the highest quality services in a timely and cost efficient manner. The attorneys and staff of our firm take great pride in providing the right solutions to our clients' needs. Give us a call to schedule a closing or for legal consultation!

Home for the Braves Affecting Homes in Cobb

Published: 4/12/2017

"Take me out to the ballgame . . ."  just right across the street!

We are only two days away from opening day and Perrie & Associates is more than excited for our new neighbors, the Atlanta Braves, to start playing ball. The SunTrust Ballpark and Battery Atlanta have been major undertakings that we have watched develop right from our office window, and it's finally time to officially welcome the Braves to their new home.

With 41,000 seats pushed closer to the field than ever before, SunTrust Park is merging America's favorite pastime with modern amenities to create the "ultimate fan experience." Three club-level seating areas feature fine-dining and Braves memorabilia displays, and a three-story Chop House in right field will include two party decks and a field level area to give fans the experience of being in the game.

While building a brand new stadium is a major undertaking, SunTrust Park will act as the "crown jewel" for a larger development, The Battery Atlanta.

Featuring restaurants, shops, office space and modern residences along with entertainment, the Battery Atlanta is the epitome of the place to live, work, and play with the Braves as your neighbor. The Coca-Cola Roxie, an iconic Atlanta music venue, will be revived and bowling lanes and karaoke rooms will be available at Punch Bowl Social. Tex-mex, burgers and other culinary creations will be available at the Battery along with several boutiques and stores.

This new home for the Braves, including SunTrust Park and the Battery Atlanta, is sure to draw crowds to Cobb County, and could have a great impact on the local housing market.

More than half of the 3,000 jobs created by the development will be in Cobb County, and the Braves have partnered with Cobb schools to raise $6 million annually for local education. Home Run Readers, a literacy program for kindergarten through eighth grade, will offer Braves tickets and other promotional items as rewards for reading, and the Braves High School Leadership program will provide career exposure and shadowing opportunities.

"Having the Braves in Cobb County is a major asset to the real estate community of the area," David Perrie said. "The variety of businesses in The Battery is a great draw for home buyers and selling point for agents and will increase the overall quality of life for residents in the area. The Braves' commitment to schools will only increase the desirability of an already-coveted district, and the economic impact on the county will be huge. We are delighted to welcome our new neighbors to SunTrust Park and look forward to opening day."

It's too soon to tell how the Braves' move to Cobb will affect the real estate market in the long run, but for now, we at Perrie & Associates are looking forward to walking across the bridge Friday night and tomahawk-chopping our way to a Braves win!


Perrie & Associates, LLC is a full service law firm centered around real estate property. We strive to provide big firm expertise with small firm concern for your interests. We are committed to focusing our legal expertise to provide you with the highest quality services in a timely and cost efficient manner. The attorneys and staff of our firm take great pride in providing the right solutions to our clients'​ needs.

Published: 4/7/2017

Our new blog is coming soon! Stay tuned!