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Spencer Knott

Attorney Spencer Knott
Spencer Knott grew up in Kennesaw and went to Harrison High School. Spencer recieved his undergraduate degree in International Affairs from Kennesaw State University. He recieved his Juris Doctor in 2015 from Georgia State University.

Spencer came to Real Estate Law in a round-about way. He first got into real estate because of an old college roommate, who was very successful agent in the Denver market and he asked Spencer to come out and join his brokerage firm. While in Denver he learned a lot from his managing broker on how to do things the right way and treat people right. His favorite part of working in the Real Estate Industry is that success is primarily attained by creating and maintaining genuine relationships with people.

In his free time Spencer likes to fish, hike, read watch sports and relax.

Practice Areas:

Real Estate


Kennesaw State University (B.S. International Affairs)
Georgia State University (J.D., 2015)


State Bar of Georgia